Mar 28, 2014

Up in Smoke (1978)

Let’s be honest: Cheech and Chong make films for stoners, and although this first outing probably would’ve been better had I been high off my rocker, it is still the definitive stoner flick. There is no drama or tension, no true conflict or moral of the story; if it had a plot, it certainly fell to the wayside by the 5 minute mark. This film is about two stoners who ride high and bang chicks, with scene after scene of ridiculous situations and nonstop fun. Up in Smoke starts off with probably the best sequence of the movie – an extended scene of our two protagonists toking up in a beat up car – then rolls onward to stranger and stranger situations, ending before you know it. 96 minutes of weed, weed trucks, and weed-based decisions.

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