New York Native, Austin recreative. ✌️ Find me: Nava PBC, Type@Cooper, SpaceType. Alum: Kickstarter, hackNY, HackTX, StuyCS.

I write for film and code for good. You can find my resume here. If you’d like to gossip with me about technology for society, films and anxiety, or that one movie where Audrey Hepburn plays a blind woman, contact me at

Magical Realism: Exploring Reality and Agency in the Coming-of-Age Story
From Foil to Family: Redefining Jake La Motta Through Secondary Roles

Terraform in 40 Minutes: Knowledge Share [Git]
The New MongoDB Rust Driver @ Rust NYC [Slides | Git]
Liteturn: Gesture-Controlled Cyclist Lights Using Cheap and Efficient Devices [Slides | Git]
Neural Style: The Genetic Evolution of Aesthetically-Pleasing Fractals [Slides | Git]
The NAO Robot: A Gravity Compensation Controller and Keyframe Behavior for Motion Development

Lines in Motion: I've been learning to use a pen, lately.
Coming Home: On the morning of December 18th, I sent my hackNY acceptance email to a little virtual mailbox in NYC.
Evolving Fractals: Explorations in beauty, genetics, and mathematics.

I’m an infrastructure lead, backend developer and sometimes-Android dabbler with a bit of Rust fanboyism thrown in. I’ve worked at the systems level in C, done Graphics and Physical Simulation work and research in C++ and OpenGL, developed Computer Vision applications using OpenCV, and worked on an assortment of projects in Python, Perl, Ruby, Java, Javascript, Scala, Golang, Rust…the works.

In the past, I’ve worked as an Android developer for early-stage, IBM Watson-funded startup Cerebri and as a software engineering intern at MongoDB, architecting and actively maintaining their Rust driver. I’ve also worked for GeoTrellis as a Facebook Open Academy engineer, for Amazon AWS on their distributed RDS and DynamoDB technologies, and for local Austin company Blastro Networks, developing and orchestrating a simultaneous release of their three flagship Android apps.

I was responsible for overseeing projects to improve the hacker experience at HackTX in 2015, including 3D-printed trophies, a Slack mentorship system, a voting system for LEDs and the Hacker’s Choice award, an interactive infographic, and a hardware hack room.

Visit github:kyeah for an in-depth look at my recent and ongoing projects.