In this extra special, vaguely Christmas-themed installment of The Wrong Mans, two men in witness protection attempt to go back home, only to set off a string of dominoes that entangle them in a web of extravagant and completely unrelated schemes.

Anyone who’s watched the first series may be wary of another installment. The storyline was wrapped up quite neatly, and the entire premise of the show involved two ordinary men unwittingly dragged into the role of loose-cannon, undercover heroes. The producers had massive gall to basically repeat the plot device for another series, but somehow, they managed to pull it off with grace.

LIke the first series, The Wrong Mans part two ramps up in intensity unexpectedly quickly, with antic after antic being thrown into our heroes’ faces as they try to get back home for Christmas. The series plays off as an epic Bourne homage, with a number of great action pieces for our dopey protagonists to fumble their way through. Their signature blend of action and dark humor is back, with wonderful cinematography providing a serious tonality to the otherwise comedic breakneck pacing.

Unfortunately, the series could have done with another one or two episodes to spread out the resolution of its multiple loose ends. The first three episodes are paced brilliantly, but the fourth plays as a laundry list of plot points that needed to be resolved, and their checklisting of villains feels rushed and disjointed.

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